I am unable to deploy my form with 4400 question; how can i address it?

Dear Kobo community, i am unable to deploy my form and i get the error below. What could be the problem and how can i address it?

Thank you.

Welcome to the community, @KyanjoJ! Have you validated your xlsform through this online validator? It should help you identify the syntax issues that are causing issues while deploying.

Thank you @Kal_Lam ,

I have tried the online validator and i get the error below.

@KyanjoJ, could you also let us know the total number of questions and choices your form holds in the survey sheet and the choices sheet respectively? This should also give us some clue of your issue.

Hi @Kal_Lam, total number of questions = 4,400. Total choices = 420.

Thank you

@KyanjoJ, would you mind splitting your survey project and see if you are able to load them without an issue. Generally when you have a very long set of questions and choices in your survey project Enketo is not able to load all of these and users get this error message.

FYI, we have similar issues discussed in previously:

How is this possible 4.400 questions in one form? Sorry There might be a problem in the structural design?

It’s also possible, as normally this error indicates, that there is a syntax error in your form. You may try to cut the form in different pieces to validate the parts stepwise and locate the problem.

Hi @KyanjoJ
I agree with @wroos and @Kal_Lam 4400 questions is such a long questionnaire or form, you may want to really consider optimizing the data collection by breaking this into phases as suggested.


Thank you all. I changed the structure, reduced questions and it worked.