I am unable to download data as media attachments

I am trying to download data as media attachments as my form has pictures and an audit(GPS Coordinates) file. Every time it gives an unexpected error and I am unable to download data.

Welcome to the community, @Sharjeel! Would you mind sharing with us a screenshot of the issue so that we could understand your issue pictorially?

Here is the screenshot. It was working absolutely fine at first but now since yesterday, I am unable to download media attachments. I have tried different browsers and different computers as well.

@Sharjeel, would you mind sharing with me the following (through a private message) so that I could have a closer look at your case:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

@Sharjeel, in this case I would advise you to use the DownThemAll as outlined in the support article:

I am not just getting images. My form also creates an excel file that contains coordinates.
It creates a folder for each entry in the folder, I need both pictures and that GPS coordinates file. Kindly look into it.

The GPS coordinates should be available when you download your data in Excel format.

I am not using GPS type question to get Coordinates. I created form on excel and uploaded it on Kobo. I am using audit type for this purpose to get GPS Coordinates automatically.

@Sharjeel, it should take a bit time to download your Media Attachment Zip as you have a lot of images stored in it. Maybe you could do this more quickly if you have an internet connection that is stronger.

I waited all day yesterday and its been like 2hrs today. I am using dedicated internet connection of 50Mbps. It was working fine till Wednesday. Please look into it.

OK as an alternative would you mind trying this method outlined in this post discussed previously:

Thank you for sharing this. I already know different methods to download the pictures and I have downloaded all the Pictures using the mentioned method. Unfortunately my main issue is downloading of that audit file that is automatically created which has GPS Coordinates.
At the end of each submission there is a uuid and in media attachments there is a folder for each uuid which contains pictures and excel file named audit.

@Sharjeel, as a cross check would you mind filling up a dummy response (with only 1 or 2 submissions) for the same form in a cloned project and see if you are able to download everything without any issue?

@Sharjeel, please be informed that this issue has been fixed, and you should now be able to download your Media Attachments (ZIP) smoothly without any issue.

For details, you could also see our announcement: