I cant edit and Download form on humanitarian Server

Good day,all i have been struggling to edit and download my deployed form since 2days now,i dont know why? It is stuck loading contents,my forms are two,that are dynamically,connected.

The deployed forms works fine and have been collecting data without no restriction,but i cant download the form nor edit it?

See the image below:

@chiabotu, did you mean you cannot edit your saved form and download them as XLSForm?

Yes,i cant

When i click the pen icon to edit,the page keeps loading…

@chiabotu, maybe try changing your browser to some modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. to see how it behaves?

Same experience,even with a different browser…Other deployed forms are loading properly,except this one with dynamic attachments.

Error:this page isnt responding

@chiabotu, in this case, it could be an issue where you did not set the dynamic data correctly. Try going through the support article again. Maybe that could help you out.

Thank you,i will go through it,but the deployed forms are working correctly,the parents and the child projects.the issue am facing,is that the child project cannot be edited, replaced on the server. In my kobo collect and enketo link i can collect respondents data,with no issues,why this behaviour?

I cant even replace the child project.i have no issues with the parent project.i think this is a bug some how.

The projects or deployed forms were editable and can be replaced before now,suddenly the unexpected behaviour start happening .

Parent project is editable and can be replaced with an updated version,the child project is stuck,one cant update,replace the project it is stuck on the server.

It has no disruption in data collection.working fine on enketo and kobocollect.
Edit,replacing the child project is very difficult

Which forms did you change? And what elements? Did you change elements related to the dynamic attachment?

Would you mind to test, if it works well with a clone of the two related forms?

@wroos ,I didnt change elements,i have no challenge with the parent form,just that i cant edit my deployed child project on the server,but now i can edit offline and upload ,so that i can have updated version.I cant edit child form on the kobo interface and dont know why the strange behaviour.

Thank you

This will help to locate the problem.

@wroos ,it still stock loading in form builder.saying high memory usage.
Although i can edit offline,but can not do that on the form builder

Is this the same issue in your second posting??
What is the cause of High Memory Usage.

@wroos , yes

Dear KoboToolbox team,

I am having the same error in downloading the xls file. I cannot deploy or preview my project due to an error and I wanted to fix it with the XLS. Can you please help me? I believe I am using the humanitarian server.

Kind regards,