I can't find a dropdown on appearance option after typing my questions

Hello Fam,

I am not able to use the advanced option of Kobotoolbox which is the appearance. When I click on appearance, my expectations are to see a list/dropdown of options of how I’d want the data to appear but I DO NOT SEE EVEN ONE OPTION. It is totally blank.

Please help!

Hi @AlvinLontum and welcome to the community!

Can you share a screenshot of the problem you are facing? And can you tell which question type you are using?

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@AlvinLontum, is it for the select_one, select_multiple question type?

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Here is the screenshot

@AlvinLontum and which question type are you using?

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@AlvinLontum, if you are tyring to create a drop-down for your question, you could follow this post discussed previously:

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Select many