I need a rescue!(Very urgent!)

Thanks very much for your continues support.
I am designing a household survey form where i needed a logic to pre-load or pull all the names of household members entered earlier in row 4 and 5(in my examples) to appear as select_one hhlist option in row 10. So that enumerator can select the member name and asked question in Section B (Education), loop back and select thexample_checks.xlsx (10.2 KB)
e next person on the list to the end until the last person on the roaster.
However, if that is done, I will be grateful if I can get a logic also to restrict enumerators from choosing same member in the repeat mood.

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Thank you in advance.

@Sham_me, maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Am grateful to you Sir.

Sir Here is another difficulty I am facing.
It is a Digit smap test from Q1 to Q12.
I need a logic to to stop the test if the respondent gets a Total of 2 incorrect within(Q1 to Q12)
I attached the Xls file.
so for example
Q1. correct
Q2. Incorrect
Q3. correct
Q4. correct
Q6… incorrect ,stop the test so that chances are not given for the rest of the questions since the total number of incorrect = 2(after scanning through from Q1:Q6)

Am most grateful.

Digit test.xlsx (11 KB)