I want to add kobotoolbox link on my website

Hi, I created a website using WordPress and installed premium kadence theme but I want to add kobotoolbox link to my website so that it will reach to many poeple all around the world as a donation, but there is an issue that the link is not embedding on a specific post, but on all other article there is no issue. Please suggest me the solution.

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Welcome to the community, @hannan011! You could get the iframe from the Collect data that is located under the FROM tab as shown in the image below:

To add a KoboToolbox link to your website, you can follow these steps:

1- Sign in to your KoboToolbox account and navigate to the form you want to share.
2- Click on the “Share” button or link provided for the form.
3- In the sharing options, select the “Web Form” tab.
4- Copy the provided URL for the web form.
Now, depending on how you want to add the link to your website, you have a few options:

Adding a Hyperlink

Open the HTML file or content editor for the webpage where you want to add the link.
Locate the section or text where you want to place the link.

Insert the following HTML code:

Replace “URL_HERE” with the URL you copied from KoboToolbox, and replace “Link Text” with the text you want to display for the link.