I want to collect multiple training data for over 11000 farmers


I am trying to collect two types of data. 1 - Farmer registration form 2 - Farmer training details but referencing the registration form. Typically, I want to store farmer names, their villages i.e personal details in the first form. Please note these are about 11200 farmers.

Also these farmers are taking multiple trainings through the entire period. I need the field workers to not see the training the farmer has already taken whenever they pick the same farmer’s name.

Kindly help me.

Welcome to the community, @Natasha! Do you mean you wish to desing 2 survey projects and link them to one another?

I also observe the following:

In this case, i would request you to go through this support article Which Server Should I Use? so that you are aware of the threshold.

I wish to have one survey project but I have details that I need to predefine, like Farmer details, so that our field staff do not have to enter farmer details every time they finish the training.

Additionally, we have multiple trainings farmers need to take before they can graduate. These farmers are in multiple regions too and we have about 20 field workers supporting us in these regions. We have tried using cascading but it is not working effectively when we add farmers to regions and field workers to regions

@Natasha, if this is the case, you could do it as outlined in the post discussed previously: