I want to get out (myself) of some projects shared with me

I would like to manage the projects that are shared with me in order to make some of them disapear from my projects list.
I am a teacher and every year I teach how to make a survey to students. They share their projetcs with me. At the end of the year, I would like to get out of the shared project.
By now, is only possible for them to unshare the project with me. But I cannot contact them all (they moved, they changed mail adress, they used nickmanes, …). So, I would like to make it myself with and “shared projects interface”.
Do you think it will be possible to do that.
It would be great.
Thanks for reading and helping.
Sébastien (from Belgium)

Hi @Sebastien_Fontaine
This has been raised as an issue before and suggestion for the same has been made here


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Hi @stephanealoo
Thank you for your answer. I’ll check this post and hope that this issue will be included in a new version of kobotoolbox…
Best regards;

Kindly please be informed that users are now able to remove the project being shared by himself/herself.

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@Sebastien_Fontaine, please be informed that non-owner users are now able to remove the shared project from their survey project. For details, please feel free to go through our announcements: