Image download error

I can’t download image

Are you trying to download the Media Attachments (ZIP)?

Yes, I tried to download it but it won’t download

Have you tried using downloadthemall as outlined in the support article Downloading Photos and Other Media? It should solve your issue. In the mean time we will look at the Media Attachments (ZIP) more closely to see what is not working and reach you back if we find any issues.

Thank you , but I need download as Media Attachments (ZIP)

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We are looking at it.

Other tickets in the last few days that look to be reporting the same issue with media downloads (always “failed”) include

This one is “unexpected error” rather than “failed”: Unexpected error for media attachments

This is a different issue (not ZIP file, but viewing attachments) that could also be related: Cannot view photos attached to forms

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@Kal_Lam and team, will you be making an Announcement re the status of the Download issue, and what users can do to get up and running again? I’ve just seen that a few days back a root cause issue was mentioned on one ticket (I know not all the ‘export failed’ tickets are linked above! as some are not media/zip files - but still failures in exports e.g. Download Fail! Shows Export Failed error message!
and Having download issues. Export Failed error message pops up!):

However I’m not sure if that github applies to all cases - and not all the ‘download failed’ tickets have that referenced (several just say to use ‘downthemall’).

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@nat, we are having an internal discussion on the same. Will inform the community soon.

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Thank you… Will be waiting dearly…

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@iyd, @nat, @oduoromogi, please be informed that this issue has been fixed, and you should now be able to download your Media Attachments (ZIP) smoothly without any issue.

For details, you could also see our announcement:

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