Import data to another account

I would like to import data from one account to another. I was successful in doing it by using the API, but it only works if the data is in a csv file. Is there a way to also import other types of data like pictures?

Thanks in advance

Hi @randriar,

Welcome to the community! This feature at the moment is not available in KoBoToolbox. However you could do the same using python code as discussed in the earlier post:

Have a great day!


Hi @Kal_Lam,
Thank you for your answer. I managed to import the data after debugging the script (for a simple form, still need to test for complex form). But the images are not imported (when clicking at the link of the image, it says: “Attachment not found”). Do you know any way I can also import the images from one account to another?

Thank you so much!