Individual feedback/report for respondents

Hi all,

I’m new to Kobo so I am not aware if this feature exists. If so, I’d highly appreciate your advice!

Is it possible to display individual report for form respondents at the end of a their submission? If not, what about individual feedback?

I have a form to collect data on compliance/readiness on certain issues and would like to provide respondents with individual feedback depending on the results/answers of the questionnaire. Would it be possible to display such feedback instantly after submitting? Would it be in the form of a report? Or, is the only option by displaying a readonly question with the corresponding rules?

Thank you for your help!



Hi @mariaiperez,

My 1st idea would be like you said, an automatic note display system with corresponding rules to display (if the feedbacks are kinda same for all people)

My 2nd idea (if there needs to be individual and unique feedback system) requires users to see their own submissions, so their row level permissions should be defined beforehand.

  • You can create a note question for yourself only,
  • Edit the question with feedback after the submission,
  • Individuals can see their submissions with the feedback.

Someone from community might share another, more applicable method.


@mariaiperez, we do have a feature request for this. You should be able to VOTE for it here:

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Excellent, thank you very much for this!!