Invalid data_type: select_one_from_file District.csv

Hi everyone, am developing a survey form which has a cascading question, the choices are on a seperate csv file. but when i try to run it am getting that error. any solution?. attached are the configurationsdistrict choices survey choices

Welcome to the community, @akasira! How long is the list of your choices? If it’s not that long, you could follow the instructions outlined in the support article Adding Cascading Select Questions. We also have a workaround for this in the community:

If you, however, have a long choice list, you could use the select_one_from_file to create a cascading select as outlined in the post discussed previously:

About 80 Villages so its broken into 1, Regions which has 3 north, centre and south, then District which has 10 and finally Villages

@akasira, try this file and it should work (note I have removed all your other questions and keep only the cascading ones):


Agents questionnaire.xlsx (11.2 KB)

CSV file:

District.csv (280 Bytes)

I got that error when i deployed the project, I dont know where this error is coming from now. when i opened the edit design mode thats the error on another sceenshot.

@akasira, it’s a known issue. Please be informed that the select_one_from_file question type only works with the xlsform. However, if you do have them in your survey project, they should work smoothly without any issue.

FYI, please also be informed that we also already have a GitHub issue for the same (which you could follow here):