Is there an ease way to make five multi level dependencies?


I need to create a form to collect data at the lowest level of our administration division. (Province, District, Sector, Cell, Village)
I have all the data in an excel document. Is there an ease way to do this?

Welcome back to the community, @gate4connection! You could do this through the cascading select as discussed in our previous post:

In addition, you could also learn more through our support article Adding Cascading Select Questions

Dear @Kal_Lam , thank you very much for the guidance. Learning from the post I managed to do the attached template. It is working up to the level of Cells. Villages are not showing when I select any villagCopy of Assignment4 - my trialnewnewn.xlsx (416.7 KB) e. Please, check for me to let me know what I am not doing correctly.

Would you mind checking row 2089 and below under the choices tab?

The list_name for the same is empty.

Besides, when looking closely at your choices tab I see that you have a total choices of 16289, which is very huge for your app or the system to handle while collecting data.


Hence, in such cases, we recommend using the select_one_from_file as outlined in the post discussed previously: