Issue with auto-fill for Multiple Response

I am having problem with Auto Code, Suppose there are 2 Questions. Q1 in which there is an option Air Conditioner and in Q2 i have to auto code it air Conditioner is selected in Q1, but the problem is when i try to submit the data there are 2 issues.

  1. If I select Air Conditioner in Q1 then it is auto selected in Q2, but if you select any other options along with the Air conditioner then it captures only the data of Air conditioner in Q2 and removes the other selected options from Q2.
  2. If I dont select Air Conditioner in Q1 then select some options in Q2 then when trying to submit the data it goes back to Q2 and options selected are removed.

How can i solved this issue.

Could you also list out the questions and choices for these two questions so that the community would be able to better understand your issue?

Sorry forgot to attach the file. Here is the attachmentOX -Test.xlsx (17.5 KB)

The problem is that you cannot treat a field as autocomplete and editable at the same time. The calculation will fire again on save/submission setting the edits to empty “”.
You may use once( ), but this will not update if you change afterwards.

You could try a dynamic choice_filter together with a dynamic read_only.


@khasaab, seems like we have the same issue here too: