Java.lang.string error in KOBOCollect App

Hi, I have an xls form that works perfectly fine in enketo and ODK. It is also working in the KOBOCollect app but the problem is, once I click save or submit form, it displays error: java.lang.string

Please help, our fieldwork starts tomorrow and I cannot still make it work

Welcome to the community, @kimberly_abalos! You could use the ODK Collect app to collect your data which is compatible with KoboToolbox. However, if your ODK Collect app too shows the same error message while collecting and saving your data, then it should be some syntax issues in your XLSForm, which you could identify by validating them against this online validator.

Welcome @kimberly_abalos,
I would suggest to always use ODK Collect (instead of KoBo Collect). Based on our experience, there are only advantages.

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Hello! we were able to resolve this but now, when we are validating the completed survey it displays this error.

would you know how to resolve this?