Kobo collect mobile app can't get blank form

I downloaded the kobo collect mobile app on my android mobile device and intend to use it for data collection.but when i click the get blank form it returns an error.please kindly inform me on what to do.

@dekpo, this support article shared previously should help you solve your issue:

i have just downloaded kobocollect App version 3.4 and completely filled the server settings.from my kobocollect App dashboard,when i click the get blank form button,it attempt to download and returns 1 0f 1 download failed.please kindly help to correct the error

@dekpo, could you share with the community a screenshot of the app version (3.4) you say are using? Also please feel free to share a screenshot of the URL settings. Maybe that should help the community understand your configuration.

please find attached my screenshot based on the error displayed when clicking get blank form on kobocollect

mobile app

The server settings seems OK. Are you able to login to your user account through the browser using the same credentials?