Kobo Submission Limits

How many submissions can Kobo handle?

The reason I’m asking is because my team is working on a 260+ question questionnaire that we would want to use on a small island, it is expected to produce around 30,000 submissions within a 2 month period or maybe less.

I also have questions about maxima / limits - see also Kobo capacity/maxima for media files - it would be really useful to have a help document if possible please!

Hi @MaddTitan,

It depends on the server you are using and the size of your submission entries. If you are using the humanitarian OCHA server, there are no limits to the number of submissions or data storage. If you are using the non-OCHA server however, it is requested that you do not exceed 10,000 submissions and 5gb of data storage per month.


I am using non-OCHA server and it is said that 10000 submissions per month. I wanna know is it 10000 submission for “30 days or per month”**. For example If I start the submission from November 15th, will I get 10000 submission for that particular month or it is based on 30 days i.e., till December 14th. Please enlighten me on this.


Hi @median_insights1,

Welcome to the community! It’s for one calendar month, e.g. 1 December - 31 December.