Kobocat form is not loading Data

I have set up Kobotoolbox on the local server. It works fine and I am able to sync forms from the Kobo-Collect app also.

After deploying the form; I am able to access it via the legacy kc interface but the form never loads in the new interface (gives gateway error and access denied). My form has only 2 variables (text and date) as it’s a test form.

This screen is what i see when i want to access a deployed form.

While deploying a new form got this error

But when i refresh the page; form is deployed. Although i cannot load the form and get the error of access denied (as shown in previous screenshot.

Did you install it using run.py or some other method?
This seems to be a configuration error with the KPI module or the interface between KPI and KC. You can check the logs inside the KPI container.

I guess the quickest way to resolve it would be to run run.py --setup again.


This issue is resolved. Problem was caused because of changing the domain name. Tried manually updating domain entries but issue persisted.

Did a fresh server install and it works fine now.

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