Kobotoolbox lost data from mobile storage

Hello sir/mam,
How can we recover deleted file of kobotoolbox? I had collected data in my mobile using kobotoolbox and the file from the internal storage memory of mobile got deleted mistakely. Could you please help me to recover my data??

Welcome to the community, @anup_gupta123! Do you mean you accidentally deleted your data from KoBoCollect android app?

Yes sir… I have accidentally deleted the file from internal storage from my phone… Please help me retrieve my data…

Kindly please note, if there are any traces within your Collect android app, you should be able to retrieve them through the ODK Briefcase as outlined in the post discussed previously:

But, if you have configured your Collect android app where the traces gets deleted once your send the data to the KoBoToolbox server, you should not be able to retrieve them back.