Language Issue in Matrix Questions with Grid style

I am using Nepali language in the form (building it in Kobo). It works fine for the rest. For the matrix question, when I input the columns and rows names in Nepali and deploy the form, it works the first time; but when I would like to edit the form, it says, " Error loading survey: There is an unnamed translation in your form definition. Please give a name to all translations in your form. Use “Manage Translations” option from form landing page."
Then I notice that there is an “unnamed language” automatically added in “Manage translations”. When I remove that from the language list and go back to edit, the matrix-question show up with all the columns and rows names disappeared (originally written in Nepali Language).

When I download the XLS form in either case (before and after deleting the “unnamed language”), the form however is the same!

How can we revolve this issue. I will need a lot of matrix (grid-style) questions written in Nepali language and I may need to edit it at times. The only solution I see now is to build the entire form while praying to the god that I will never have to edit the slightest thing in the whole form!

Hi @Vaidik,

Welcome to the community! Yes, that has been an issue with the form builder user interface (when trying to edit a matrix question type) for a while. Kindly please be informed that this issue has been fixed and should be released shortly.

Till then, we would request you to use the xlsform for the same. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Have a great day!

Thank you for the prompt response @Kal_Lam ! Can’t wait for the issue to be resolved.
Any idea on around what time will it be released?

Also, as you ask to use the xlsform, can I ask if I will not have issues on uploading the xlsform and launching it from Kobo later? I am new to xlsform, so I guess learning the syntax and working on the form will take some time. So just want to make sure that I will not jeopardize the whole project on trying to make it perfect.

Thanks. Good day!

Hi @Vaidik,

Don’t know the exact timeline for the next release (but can confirm that it is happening soon as all the checks have already been made).

Regarding your second query:

You should not have issues (unless and until you mess it up by overlapping the variable names).
There are a lot of workarounds for the matrix question in the community. You could explore here. As a simple simple workaround you could also have a look at this post:

Have a great day!