Link select_one options to the previous submissions, especially to the name of beneficiaries

I want to have a select_one question whose values are updated with every submission, and these values are the name of the beneficiaries. that because i want to make this question autocomplete so that when i write just a few letters, this question will be filtered and then i can pick up the name from the filtered choices

@mediaan, it seems like you have been asking this same question through various posts. Could you kindly please elaborate your issue with some dummy questions so that the community should also be able to help you out?

i want to populate the options of select_one question with the names of the beneficiaries that i entered before.

it is clear question

Hello Mediaan,

Please go through this topic, I assume it will help you out.

Or may be this post will help you out,

sorry, this is not what i want
i want to pull data of names and make it as options to the selec_one question and i will make this question to be as search tool by using autocomplete property for it

@mediaan, lets continue the discussion on the other post:

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yes that what i want exactly but in the same form

could you help me to achieve that it is important thing for me