Linking multiple projects

I have a long and complex set of questions divided into 8 modules. Setting these altogether is proving cumbersome in terms of form deployment - the form hangs up or sometimes does not function as intended (while it does well after a couple of refreshes). I am thinking of dividing the questionnaire into multiple forms, which I believe I can do by setting up multiple projects under my username.
However, is there a way to link these projects through a common variable so the manual work is reduced at the enumerators’ end? For instance an ID variable? Or will they have to manually check submissions to previous forms to confirm ID of the respondent?


@yashukalera, maybe you could try this approach:

For this you could do the following:

  • Deploy all the survey projects (8 modules in your case).
  • Get the survey URL of the projects that you wish to link at the end of the project.
  • Link the survey projects as illustrated in the linked post.
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Hi @Kal_Lam,
Thank you for the suggestion, I shall try it out.
Can you tell me if I can use the hyperlink option to pull answers into the multiple forms?
Or would Dynamic data attachments be a better option to pull the answers from respondents?


@yashukalera, the URL as illustrated above should help you link 2 survey projects but it should not be helpful to link answers (responses). Maybe you could use the Dynamic Data Attachment for the same.

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Hello @yashukalera,
I would strongly suggest to stay with one project. You will otherwise have hard work and hight risk of keeping case/module links and data consistency.

You may have a look at the modules for tuning, like using long external choice list.


@wroos thanks! I am trying both options at the moment since the questionnaire is in initial stage of construction. I shall choose whichever works optimally.

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