Making maps public to share it with other users

Ok - so you cannot share maps directly? This would be a really useful feature! So that a live map could be visible to the public

Hi @aagroszek
Welcome to the community forum. The limits to our sharing is covered within this support article

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Hello, thank you for your response. Yes it seems the data is sharable in the project data view in various formats, rather than just the map view. It would be really useful to be able to share just one view eg. the map.

Also it would be great to be able to make web friendly dashboards from the data, like a side panel with listings and images, a map etc.

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Even when I copy the map url, it links to all the project data formats

@aagroszek, you should be able to make the map public by making your data public under the SETTINGS>Sharing:


This not only makes your form public, but also makes your data as well as the maps public.