Manual skip logic code works, but then on save it disappears

I am a new user and just starting to play with the free online version.

I added a custom skip logic, very simple: ${Installations_Coverage} <= 70

When I add it, save and preview form, it works exactly as intended and fine. But later, if I refresh the website, or if I open again the Settings of the question where the skip logic lies, the skip logic code is gone, it just shows the empty code box. And of course, the skip logic no longer works.

Any ideas on this behaviour?


Welcome to the community @rvilla! Would you mind sharing us a screenshot of the same to see what is not working?

Well, it seems that now its still having issues but slightly different.

Attached a screenshot of the code I write, and later a screenshot of the skip logic screen of the question after I save and refresh the website.

Again: When I write the code, save and preview form the skip logic works as intended!!!

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Hi @rvilla, it looks like you are potentially applying skip logic that references the same question? (question name of installations_Coverage and then skip logic referring to ${installations_Coverage} on that question)
Is this the case?

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Nope, installations coverage is the question before the one I am writing the skip logic code.

Ah yes, sorry about that. Can you click on the Was answered dropdown and select <=

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I’ve just tried again with the same question types you have there and I’m now seeing the bug. It seems to work fine for some question types and not others…

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I do not have all those options, only the first four show up for me.

Maybe should have mentioned: The question I am testing with this skip logic is a multi choice one.

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It seems the issue lies in that the form-builder is treating a range type question as text rather than numeric and therefore not listing the other numeric operators.

I will file this as an issue, but in the meantime you will either have to change the range type question to a different type in the form-builder, or use an XLSForm with the logic you are currently using — the issue is in the builder rather than you doing something wrong.

For example:

type name label required parameters relevant
range a_range_question A range question false start=0;end=100;step=1
text a_text_question A text question false ${a_range_question} <= 70

@rvilla, did you say you wanted a skip logic for a select_multiple question? If yes, then it should be something like the one discussed previously:

Actually Josh´s explanation of the bug seems correct from a user perspective. I just changed my range type question to just numeric input and and it works as intended.

Thank you guys for the help, I hope the bug gets fixed, I would prefer to keep the range type as its more visually appealing!


Hi @rvilla, as I mentioned above, if you want to keep the range question, you will have to create your survey as an XLSForm rather than with the form-builder — until the bug is fixed. You can also create your form in the form-builder, download it as an XLSForm, reenter your correct skip logic for the range question in the spreadsheet and then upload it again.