Missing data when i download my data on KoBoToolbox

@Kal_Lam am using Kobo to collect data from remote areas. Usually, I export the data and do analysis on SPSS and Excel. I had created an entry sheet in SPSS and a template in excel so that I can just update the data in SPSS and excel and do further analysis.
Now, my problem is, I edited the question in deployed form and when I export the data from the new version, the data of edited fields show in the right column in the raw data (moved to right). when I update the data in SPSS, the template and the fields do not match.
Hope I was able to make it clear

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Thank you @amritshakya! Much clear now. Could you share us a screenshot marking your issue? Maybe that would also help us visualize your issue pictorially?

red highlighted is the extra fields

So were they added lately to the survey?

no. actually this field was already there. I just edited some text in the field and redeployed. The data was shifted to the right in the updated version

@amritshakya, could you share with me the following through a private message?

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Hello , I would like to reopen this question to see if there’s maybe an alternative way to replace info from questions, let’s say, “Q1” to “Q1edit” without doing it manually, submission per submission. I’m thinking of something like loading a database where I previously unified both questions through excel or stata. We’ve got already have 200 submitted questionnaires from rural schools and we need to codify questions in a different way, but doing that and then manually replace every question whose name we edited is just massive work. Help please !