Mixing open ended and closed ended response options

Hi everybody, I am new to Kobo and am using the online platform to build a survey from scratch. It is fairly straightforward but there is something I can’t figure out, which is how to combine an open ended (numerical) response option with closed ended response option. For example:

How many children do you have?:
______________ (numerical option)
98. Not applicable (no children)
99. Refuse

Many thanks in advance for help!

Welcome @julianamariana,
There is no direct option, but there are some workarounds:

  • Include 0 as a normal answer.
  • You may just add a hint to the children question and allow the 99 (and 98?) option there. You probably need a constraint to limit answers to a maximum, plus 99 (and 98?).
  • You could combine the special case 99 (and 98?) as a second select_one question and put it in the same group, on the same page (field-list appearance). Here you would need to add a constraint that the first or this second question are exclusive, and maybe one answer is mandatory.
  • You could leave the question as optional, (but including 0) So, no answer might be taken as “refusal”. A hint “optional” might be added.

In my opinion, using 0 and a special option (e.g. 99 or -1), and mandatory, sèems the preferable solution, also for later analysis and external tools, like SPSS.

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@julianamariana, you could also do it as outlined in the post discussed previously:

… and this too …

Brilliant! Thank you so much for the tips! Very much appreciated.

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@julianamariana, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: