More than one geolocation questions

In my questionnaire there is more than one question that requires to pin locations. However I can only see the answers (pins) on the map of one question.

@sarabayar, we do have this feature request in our suggestion box made previously:

Maybe you could VOTE for it to make it a reality!

so i can’t add more than one geolocation question?

@sarabayar, you can add as many geolocation questions as needed, but the issue is that at the moment, they don’t get visualized in the map. Currently, only one geopoint data is visualized on the map.

is there a way around to download the geopoints or for them to appear on the map?

@sarabayar, you could download the geopoints like downloading your normal dataset in XLS format. You could still use other software if you wish to display all the geopoints on a map. However, displaying all the geopoints on a map in KoboToolbox is still impossible. Maybe this should be possible in the future if we receive VOTES and funding for the feature improvement.

I tried downlowading the KML file, but it only downloads the geopoints of the first question, not all geopoints questions.

@sarabayar, have you tried downloading your data in XLS format? It should have all the GPS locations collected for the project.