Multiple submissions randomly appeared all at once on server days to weeks after submitting

Hi @mike.destaubin. Unlike _submitted_by, which is set by the server, start and end are provided solely by the client. In other words, whatever values Enketo or Collect send are the values that get reported.

I’ve just double checked this by manually creating and posting a submission that has an end date in 2055. Kobo dutifully reports this date in the table view:

The submissions shown in your screenshot, therefore, were either not finalized until today (they could’ve been saved as drafts long ago), or there is a bug with Enketo or Collect [It appears these submissions came from Enketo; see below].

You’re right that simserial and subscriberid are not related to any delay receiving data: removing those fields’ special metadata status simply changed their column sort order in the table view. They used to be shown all the way at the end, on the right-hand side, and now they’re shown wherever they are in the form definition, which is often near the beginning. They aren’t visible in the form builder, but you can download the XLSForm and look for the simserial and subscriberid rows.

Since you mentioned a difference in simserial values coinciding with delayed submissions:

…I did some quick testing and found that the message “simserial not found” appears only when I submit via Enketo. When I submit using Collect, the simserial column is simply blank. We can conclude, then, that your delayed submissions came from Enketo.

If you have more information about a possible Enketo problem after following up with your enumerators, please let us know.

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