Need to print my survey (web form, grid) for paper use

I need to share my surveys as paper surveys for other collaborators. We need a either a blank PDF or word doc.
I have tried to export a blank entry to print as previously suggest it, but when I export it as a PDF it is broken between pages at unreadable intervals and features time and date metadata that obscure questions. Please advise!!

You may try with another browswer, like chrome, firefox, edge. (Use the latest version, please).

The problrm was reported in thd forum before, see e.g.

See also

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Hi - I’m using chrome, so that’s not the issue. I need to print a blank copy of the form to share with collaborators

I am having the same problem as that post you cited, just to confirm.

@ket5128, could you also share a screenshot of your issue? Maybe that could help us understand your issue pictorially.

I tried to add a screenshot, but it doesn’t replicate here (it displays as HTML link to the image on my files, I’m not sure why).

It’s this same issue: Button cut and layout problems in pdf print-out for long choices list - #10 by jnm but on google chrome.

@ket5128, would you mind giving a retry again?