Nested group issue on xls-import script

Hi all,

I am working on importing data from an account to another.
I ran into an issue where the xml files do not include the nested groups (groups within a group). So, I am wondering it has anything to do with the format of my input data or else.

My data looks like the following: Inside the main group (main_group), I have a group (parent_group). And inside parent_group, I have a child group (child_group)

Since I don’t have repeating groups, I tried to have everything in a sheet where the headers look like: parent_group::name | parent_group::child_group::child_name | parent_group::child_group::child_age , but it does not work.
I also tried to put child group in another sheet that is pointing to the parent sheet(parent_group) but it just creates two groups and does not put the child group in the parent group (not nested) in the xml files.

Please advice,
Thank you so much!

Hi @randriar,

Would you mind trying this out which has already been discussed in the past. It should give you some idea (but it’s in python code):

Have a great day!

Hi @Kal_Lam,

That is the initial script I used but it did not work. Also it seems like it is an open issue on github and there is no clear documentation on how to solve it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @randriar
It would be helpful if you documented using screenshots the areas that did not work to you. Also indicate whether these are areas are those that have been documented with issues on Github. Most importantly, this was not originally intended to be an inbuilt functionality but a workaround; so it would be good to get as much information that can enable us and other users to provide more direct input to the workaround.


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