Not able to Access my form!

Not able to Access my form

Still not able to access the form.

In my account, there are 3 forms, I am not able to access the 2nd one.

@Shubhasis, are you still facing the issue? Could you also share with us a screenshot of what it looks like? That should also give us a clue of what could be wrong. BTW, which server are you using?

Dear team,

Suddenly from today afternoon, the form has started working again, as previous. I am using humanitarian server.

Thanx and Regards

@Shubhasis, your form aFWLT… was blocked for requesting an export over 3000 times in 3 minutes. If you are using an automated task to export your data, please limit your requests to once every 5 minutes to avoid being blocked again.


Dear team,

Issue is resolved but I can not understand your suggestions. could you please tell me more vividly. As I didn’t do any unusual activity during my usage.

In the span of less than 3 minutes, there were over 3000 requests to our servers like this:
GET /api/v2/assets/aFWLT…/exports/…/

That means the rate of requests to export your form was over 1000 per minute. This is far too fast! It seems impossible for a human to make requests so quickly, so if you or a colleague are using a program to make these requests, please make it slow down to avoid being blocked again.

For your reference, most requests came from an IP address beginning with 164.100.

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