Not able to enter coordinates while collecting data

My earlier problem still exists. the ‘detect current location’ button is still not picking up the lat log co-ordinates when opened in mobiles. I followed the thread you directed me to but i couldnt understand that very well.

I created this form directly in the KOBo toolbox. So i couldnt understand the thread when it was talking about xlsforms

@ranjni, i have split this to a different post so that we could manage the issues from the community systematically. Do you mean you are not able to enter the coordinates in your device while collecting data? Could you share with us a screenshot of the same so that we could better understand your situation?

What I mean is the button that can be used to automatically pick up the coordinates of the current location is not working.
Can you open it in a mobile at your end and tell me if it is working ?

@ranjni, would you mind following this post discussed previously? It should solve your issue:

I did go through that thread. It looks like you had made some corrections in their xlsform…
I didnt use any xlsform so i dont really know how to follow that thread. sorry

when i opened my

form in my mobile and then clicked the padlock key this is what it shows

when i opened another kobo form which i used as a model to make mine and when i pressed the padlock key this is what it showed

@ranjni, did you activate your device’s GPS now?

GPS is active on my device and when i open this other form in my mobile i am able to pick up the coordinates. Only through my form i am not able to pick up the coordinates

@ranjni, are you able to get the coordinates in other devices for this same project?

Dear @Kal_Lam
The form is behaving differently in different devices now. In my devise i have to reboot my phone every time i try to open the form and when it opens i am still not able to pick up the current location. I my mothers iphone , the form opens fine and its possible to pick up current location coordinates but the tamil version of the form is not available. In my brothers android mobile everything is working perfectly well!

@ranjni, maybe it could be the browser’s issue. Try using a modern browser that is supported for Enketo. Maybe this section of our support article What Are Enketo Web Forms?

… should be able to let you know the browsers that is supported and not supported with Enketo:

Thank you @Kal_Lam . I am going to send this form out to the public sort of, will be sending it through nature groups to get as many people to entre as possible who have seen fireflies . so i can only hope they have a browser that will support the form right ?

Yes. Maybe you could also make a request to the respondents to try using the modern browsers (whenever and if possible).

The placement-map option is really good so people can find the location on the map.

Since location data is the most important information in this survey , i am thinking of adding another question where people can enter the address manually, if they are not able to pick up the coordinates. When that happens, will i be able to manually feed that point to the ‘map’ in the data section on my own ?

I also have another question and it doesn’t really belong to this thread.

I was looking at the map where the data is being displayed and the option to 'Disaggregate by survey responses ’ is great. but I realize it doesn’t sort out the responses based on ‘Date’
My survey is about firefly sightings ( people are tell me when and where they saw fireflies) and the aim of the project is to track firefly populations across several years to see if they are declining.
So i would very much like to disaggregate the data on the map based on the year of sighting. Can you please tell me how i can do that ?

Hi @ranjni
On your last query, yes, this is definitely a different thread.

I would recommend that you design your form a bit differently. Kindly follow these instructions:

  • This new calculate question will now form the basis of your disaggregation.

Alternative 2:

  • Create a select question with years which allows people to select the year
  • Use the select question as a basis of disaggregation


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Thank you @stephanealoo , i ll definitely give this a try

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Dear @Kal_Lam. I have launched the project and everything seems to be working fine. The form open fine for most people and i am very happy to receive data. Thank you very much for all the timely support !

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@stephanealoo I included a separate question in the form as you suggested and i am able to now disaggregate the points on the map as i wanted. Thank you!

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