Not able to preview! Seeing allow_choice_duplicate error message!

Hi @toexcelsara,

Could you kindly let us know more on what you mean by:

Or do you mean by replacing the xlsform back to the KoBoToolbox server?

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I have replaced the form with the new edited form (which i have attached for reference) but I now have another problem

apA9eqBfyfiQS84ikG8tDY (2).xlsx (33.2 KB)


I have fixed the sw6ck96 problem and replaced the XSL form but the problem is that now we are back to not being able to preview the form because of the same duplicate choices problem

Hi @toexcelsara,

Kindly please be informed that there were still some issues within the xlsform which i have fixed it out:

Issue 1:
There were some duplicates (as shown in the image below) within the choices tab which i have cleaned it. As a reference i have also marked it yellow so that you could see it (for learning) comparing with the previously shared xlsform.

Issues that was still in the choices tab of your xlsform:
Image 1001

Fixed it as follows:
Image 1002

Issue 2:
You had used the language code as Arabic (AR) which i have changed it as Arabic (ar) in the survey, choices as well as the settings tab.

Issue 3:
In the survey tab of your xlsform, you had select_one sw6ck96 as shown in the image below:

But when looking at the choices tab, could not find the list_name sw6ck96. Hence changed the same to integer (as shown in the image below):

If you feel it should not be an integer question type and should be a select_one question type please change it accordingly.

Issue 4:
The relevant column still has this unreadable codes (as shown in the image below which i have not fixed it as you should be more knowledgeable then me):
Kindly please change it based on the formatting that you made previously.

Reference xlsform:
apA9eqBfyfiQS84ikG8tDY (2).xlsx (38.1 KB)

Please be informed that you should be able to upload your xlsform (without any error message). However, please fix Issue 4 for better skipping performance.

Have a great day!

Thank you so much. Issue 4 is the skip logic. i did not create this code it was created automatically when I inputted my skip logic per question. Should I erase it and reenter the skip logic to the form after uploading it?

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Hi @toexcelsara,

You could do it which ever seems easy for you.

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thank you so much the preview problem has been solved.
But i’m facing a problem with the skip logic. I have organized it and created a skip logic within the form on kobotoolbox (not the downloaded excel form as it is easier for me cause I’m unfamiliar with how to create skip logic on the excel sheet).

However none of my skip logic inputs are showing up in the submission as I edited them to be. They work in the preview perfectly and I deployed the form but the submission still dose not show the skip logic I created.

it translates the skip logic i entered into the settings – skip logic as ${} = β€˜1’ and ${} = β€˜2’ and ${_} = β€˜3’ for example instead of how i inputted them.

Thank you,

Hi @toexcelsara,

Yes your skip logic should be changed as you changed the list_name and name to avoid duplication within your survey form. You will have to assign them manually. Maybe this support article ADDING SKIP LOGIC TO YOUR FORM should help you solve your issue.

Have a great day!

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