Playing audio and recording audio through the same question (for illiterates respondents)

Hello @Kal_Lam !

This is a great start for us because we are doing the same thing. But our technical skills are very basic. So just have a question, how can we do the survey for people not able to read or write. So we want the question to be in text and also in audio as well as the answer in audio. I see the example above, but I think more support. Should I do the questions first in KoboToolbox then download the xls? or the other way around? I think if you could take us step by step it would really make a difference! thank you for your understanding!

Welcome back to to the community, @Momory! Maybe you could do the following to fit in a audio question in your form builder UI:

  • Prepare your questionnaire
  • Download your questionnaire as an xlsform
  • Update the audio question as shown in example above
  • Upload the xlsform and then deploy/redeploy

Doing so you should be able to see the audio question in your survey project.

Doing that now. And for those answering with an audio response, do they have to have any app downloaded in their phone or no?

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@Momory, it depends! If your device have an inbuilt app that supports recording you would not need to download the same else you will have to download a suitable app that supports your device. In case you need one try using the RecForge II. I find this very easy and compatible.

And the way to find out is when they will record the answer, they should get a button to “record now” or something like that. If they do not that means they do not have it and would have to record then upload each answer individually?

@Momory, maybe you could follow the steps outlined below:

  • Prepare your survey xlsform as outlined in the image shared below:
    Image 0
  • Upload your xlsform and then deploy.
  • Add the media file Name.mp3 (this may differ in your case to your SETTINGS>Media.
  • Get the blank form to your Collect android app.
  • Open the survey in the app. You should see something as shown in the image below:
  • Now press, 1 first that should read out the question. Once the question is read out, press 2 i.e., Record Sound to record the respondents response.

Reference xlsform:

Audio Recording Survey.xlsx (8.9 KB)

@Kal_Lam Thank you! need to confirm, Our audio to add to the excel sheet does it have to be mp3 or wav format. Thank you!

@Kal_Lam also, how do we make the response if it is a multiple choice answer? and last question, if we have a written survey and audio survey, these have to be two different surveys? Thank you!

@Momory, sharing with you a support article Adding Various Types of Media which should help you outline how to add media files to your survey project.

Thank you. Is it possible to receive responses in two formats: plain text and audio recording? The form is being used by both those who can read and write and those who can’t. For those who can, we want to give the option to type. For those who cannot, we want the option to respond to open-ended question with an audio recording.

@sariheid, at the moment it is only able to capture one input type i.e. either an audio response or a text response. But KoBoToolbox is working on a feature that will record background recording which will let users collect data and at the same time make a background recording. Will let you know when this feature is live.

Hi @sariheid
I don’t think that it would be possible to record audio at the same time as audio recording in the background. I believe this has to do with the android application security questions. But as @Kal_Lam has hinted, we will look further to see if this will work.


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@sariheid, please be informed that KoBoToolbox now supports background-audio as discussed in our previous post: