Print cut-off for long choices list


A long choices list is cut off in the pdf print-out (no error messages)

Steps to Reproduce

See example
LongChoiceList01.xlsx (32.6 KB)
The print-out cuts-off all choices after Jordan.

Expected behavior

Print-out should be complete.
At least an error-message should be shown.
Also, a hint in the KoBo Toolbox support docs would be great.

Actual behavior

See XLSForm example above
Screenshot of cut-off list

Additional details

XLSForm on OCHA Server.
Problem is only in print-out. It works fine in Preview and KoBoCollect app.

Hi @wroos,

Thank you for flagging this out! Kindly please be informed that this issue has already been fixed and should be released soon.


For details, please feel free to visit the upcoming announcement here.

Have a great day!


Hello @Kal_Lam
good to hear. Thanks!
We already made a workaround, printing the list in pieces in the print-out (with choice_filter and relevant = FALSE).
Take a look at your screenshot, please. There is a layout (alignment) bug, see the first 2 choices on 2nd screen.
Have a relaxing week-end