Printing Feature for Answered Form

What is the general goal of the feature?
The general goal of the print feature is to be able to print the entered data only. Currently, you can do the print by going to the “Edit” section and click the print button. However, it prints everything including other options (example there is a question about Gender and what is printed is the checked Male option AND also the unchecked Female Option. Imagine if you were to choose a Province out 15 choices and it prints everything and wasting paper.) What we would like to have in the print is the same information when you just “Open” the submitted data.

What are the most likely user stories for how and when this would be used by someone on your team?
This can be very useful in archiving collected data as hard copies/evidence that the data may be checked offline when audited.

Can you sketch out graphically how you think this should look/work in practice?
Just the same information shown when you open the data with proper cutting/sectioning of data per page.

How useful would this feature be to other users or organizations?
This can be extremely useful for filing hard copies of the data for filing/audit/document trail purposes in the office. When conducting surveys, offices incur expenses and for it to be eligible costs, hard copies of the conducted survey are required; thus, this is extremely useful.

What can you contribute to making this feature a reality?
I am not really sure how but I think, as of the moment, it is better to float this idea and hope it becomes a reality.

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Perfect, thank you!

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thank you, voted!

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