Provide edit access to specific user

Hi Kobo Community,
Is it possible to assign editing rights of a submission from a specific user to a particular user?
For example, if there are three users: U1(Owner), U2 and U3. So do we have the feature wherein U1 can give U2 the right to view and edit the submission made by U3 only?
I have already checked managing permissions section but unable to find any such information.

Hi @phiafoundation,

Kindly please be informed that we have a feature of Row-Level Permissions where users are able to view submissions restricted to certain user. However, if you require an edit permission along with the view submissions restricted to certain user, you could VOTE on this feature request made here:

Have a great day!

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Yes, definitely. Thanks a lot!


Hi @Kal_Lam,
Thanks for following up on the requests from the users. I am in need of such a possibility, as we have users in different geographical locations- provines. We want that every user should have edit permission to only the data submitted through their own user - assuming the data from their target locations. This will enable us that at the provincial level, the data focal points should be able to only view and edit their own data - not other’s - and after confirmation, mark them as approved. However, still I do not see the feature update.

@danishjownaqibullah, kindly please be informed that this feature is a work in progress feature and will be soon realesed.

@Kal_Lam, thank you for taking the time to respond, waiting for such an important and really required feature.

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