Pull data function not working on Kobo Application

Hello Kobo Community. I am working on a pull data function, I successfully uploaded the csv on the server and the function is working very well on Enketo. However the function is not working on Kobocollect App.

How can I resolve this.

@douglascharivanda, would you mind sharing your xlsform that holds the pulldata function and the CSV file from which you plan to pull the value? Maybe the community should be able to find out syntax issues if present in either one of them.

How do I attach the xls form and the csv, or am I sending via email

Check these buttons:


You will be able to upload your xlsforms as well as your CSV file through this upload button.

Routine IAPOS_Questionnaire.xlsx (31.0 KB) ihh.csv (9.2 KB)


Looking at your CSV file I could observe that the structure of your CSV file is not supported:

Issue with the CSV file (not supported):

CSV file (that is supported):

Reference CSV file:

ihh.csv (430 Bytes)

Thank you let me work using the supported CSV format

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Is the CSV file saved in CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (*csv)

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Yes. The CSV should be saved in CSV UTF-8 format.

ihh.csv (9.1 KB) Heloo i saved in the format you recommended but the survey is not running. Nothing is coming up when i enter the patient_ID

@douglascharivanda, when I checked your CSV file it seems to work fine (while entering the ID, the information was pulled in the variables where needed).

But I am still able to see an error message due to the regex code. Try checking the same that has flagged the ID.

Thank you! I have checked and its now running smoothly.

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Hello! I have the same issue, I saved my csv file as CSV UTF-8 (Comma deliminated) (*.csv) and the data is getting pulled and shown when using the preview online, however when using out data collection tablets, the data is not shown. Maybe important to note, our csv file contains Arabic data. Could that be the issue?

Welcome to the community, @abwch! Sometimes this could also happen when the CSV format is not met as it should be like the one shared earlier:

Hi @Kal_Lam and thanks a lot for the quick response. My cvs file does look like an Excel (with each word or number in a cell, rather than all rowed after one another with commas) - so from my understanding it is like Image 2.

@abwch, could you share a screenshot of your CSV file? That should make us clear on what it looks like.

Sure, thanks! The qualitative data was collected in Arabic, but for two individuals it was in English due to an error in the tablet language settings

@abwch, would you mind try removing any 1 language and see if you should then be able to load the data to the form in the app? Preferably try removing the Arabic.

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Hi @Kal_Lam I could do that, however, we will need the pull function for Arabic, so I wonder if there could be any other reason. The thing is that the data does get pulled on the preview when on the kobo platform, but not on the tablets we use. Is there any tablet kobo software version that the pulldata option does not work for? The kobo on our tablets are version 1.30.1 and 2021.3.4

@abwch, your CSV file is in this format:

You will need to restructure your CSV file to this format as outlined in the post shared above:

For this, you could follow the instructions outlined in the post discussed previously: