Pulldata function is not working

February 2022 IGA Transfer sheet.xlsx (13.4 KB)
pulldatafunction.csv (13.4 KB)

Dear Expert,

I am trying to add pull data function but it is not working in the enketo. COuld you please support me in this regards. I have uploaded it for your reference.
Thank you

Also it is not working in the KoBo collecte

Welcome back to the community, @reajulbracupg! Seems like the filename you have used in the function does not match the filename:


You have used the following:

pulldata('pulldataiga', 'name', 'beneficiaryid_key', ${ag_p})

Which should be …

pulldata('pulldatafunction', 'name', 'beneficiaryid_key', ${ag_p})

This change should solve your issue.