QR code instead of survey link

Dear Kobo community
I am wondering if it is possible to generate a QR code, unique for the survey, that my respondents will scan on the doctor’s device and then fill the survey on their own device (without using kobo app). It would require the same QR code being used by multiple users.

You could do this by following the steps outlined below:

  • Deploy your survey.
  • Get the URL of the survey as outlined in the support article Collecting Data through Web Forms.
  • Get a free QR code generator from the internet. There are plenty of free QR code generators. But be sure that you choose the one that has an option to use the URL as content to the QR.
  • Now paste the survey URL as content in this QR code generator.
  • You should now see a QR code is generated.
  • Scan it with your device and you should be able to open the survey in a browser.
  • If needed you could download the QR code and then share it with your team as needed for data collection.
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