Question labels - entering spaces and bold text

How can my survey description have spaces and bold text like the one in the picture below:


Hello @russowal,
it depends on your environment. Are you using Collect or Webforms?
Which elements do you exactly want to format (some elements have automatic default formatting).?
First hint can be found using

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Hi together,

maybe he refers to strange behavior when creating forms in XLS and formatting bold. Just observed that in current release 2.022.24; we update our own server today, so just noticed that a few minutes ago; counterchecked on kf.kobotoolbox instance, same behavior:

When formatting the first word or line in a label cell bold (so enclose it with two asterisks), all the following text in that cell will be displayed bold, despite not being enclosed in asterisks.

By now I only could work around that by adding an empty line between the bold formatted text and the following text, that should not be displayed bold.

Here’s an example XLS and here’s how it’s displayed: Enketo Express for KoboToolbox
test_bold.xlsx (9.3 KB)

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I don’t see the issue as you report @DSimon. FYR:

@russowal, in addition to what @wroos has advised, you could also add a line break to your form by following this post discussed previously:

Hm, that’s how it looks like on my mobile FF and Chrome