Question specific to the modality

Hello I would like to have the information depending on the modality returned.
Example: if Number of children = 5. I have my next question according to 5. Name, first name age. So if Number of children is 2 I would like to have a questionnaire for 2 children Name, first name, Age

Hi @Gnahoure,

Would you try using the following in your xlsform (in the survey sheet):

type name label repeat_count
integer number Number of children
begin repeat child_repeat ${number}
text name Child’s name
integer age Child’s age
end repeat

This is valid for xlsx form. How can I apply “repeat_count” in online Koboform?

@tanzilhuda, this feature is not yet supported with KoBoToolbox.

@Kal_Lam Thanks a lot. I have another question. Is any option to edit “instance_name” in the online KoBoToolbox form.

Sorry, could you explain the issue again? I could not understand it.