Recover draft version of form

Hi @Kal_Lam,

I’ve experienced data loss while I was still drafting my survey form. This survey is still in draft format. The last edits made was Saturday night Oct.26,2019 and everything were perfectly well. However, I was shocked to find out this morning that my survey form is empty (only the group headers are retained).

If I may humbly request of your assistance, I will provide the link to you via private message.

Thank you very much in advance!


Could you please try this:

  1. Find the UID of your form. It appears in the URL, e.g. one of my forms is aj82WwMt4Cp98LSvfu3sRS:
  2. Go to[YOUR FORM UID]/versions/, replacing [YOUR FORM UID] with the UID you identified before;
  3. Start from the newest version, which should be at the top, and visit each version’s URL until you find you find a non-empty one. The format will be strange—it’s JSON instead of XLSForm—but all your question and choice names should be visible.
  4. Post the URL of the version you would like to recover. You can send it to @staff in a private message if you’d prefer.
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For a description of how you can upload JSON to your form yourself, without relying on support staff to do it for you, please refer to the following post: