Recovering an undeployed draft form

Can someone help me recover this version of my draft form and get it into KoBo?

Somehow when I changed the language settings in my form all of the questions went blank. .I followed the instructions from this previous post Is there any way to restore an older version of an undeployed form?
to identify the previous version. But now I’m not sure how to actually get the information from this URL into a form in KoBo. When I try to “get” the form in xml format I’m faced with a server error. Help please!

Welcome to the community, @jbogard! This post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Thanks @Kal_Lam ! I was able to recover the form!

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Thank you for the detailed instructions. I quickly found the draft version I wish to recover but when I try to manually patch it onto the raw data form, the screen either goes blank and shows error 500, or says HTTP 400 bad request as well as the explanation
“detail”: “JSON parse error - Extra data: line 6059 column 1 (char 255708)”. This is the link to the undeployed draft

Welcome to the community, @ruvimbo! Did you follow the exact steps outlined in the post discussed previously?

Thank you @Kal_Lam - I did follow the instructions - but I kept getting error messages and ended up redoing the parts of the form that I failed to recover. Likely a network issue - that happens often.

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