Release Notes - versions 2.021.12, 2.021.12a, 2.021.12b

We have deployed a new release with the following changes to

  • as of 23 March 2021 at 01:50 UTC, and
  • as of 23 March 2021 at 06:23 UTC.

Thanks for using KoBoToolbox!

New features and enhancements

PR Description Related Issues
#3012 Custom data exports UI
Improves the UI for Project Downloads by adding a few more export options and a way of saving the settings for later use.
Closes #2963
Closes #3062
Part of #2881
#2968 Addition of new GeoJSON export feature, new default export fields for all non-legacy exports and field filtering for GeoJSON, CSV and XLS (non-legacy) exports. blocked by formpack#228
closes #2967, #2517
related to #2975
#2975 Custom data exports feature
Allow for export setting preferences to be created and managed for an asset as well in including a new option for filtering exports by field.
closes #2967
related to #2963, #2881
#3084 Add support for multiple_select export setting
Allow exporting select_multiple questions as a single column (multiple_select=summary), one column per choice (multiple_select=details), or both (the default).
closes #3080
dependant on kobotoolbox/formpack#235
#3085 Custom exports final front-end tweaks
Add (de)select all rows button to custom exports view. Cleanup styles. Bring back original default export format handling (_default or form’s default language).
#3086 Include _notes, _tags, _validation_status in list of selectable fields when exporting

Bug fixes and other improvements

PR Description Related Issues
#3035 Add a warning to prevent answered media questions with no attachments from crashing the page Fixes #3028
#3054 Fix 500 error when attempting to duplicate a submission without start or end fields. closes #3053
#3060 The hidden, note and calculate questions don’t carry resposne data, so we hide them from the Bulk Edit Submissions form. We also hide hidden and note (only) from the Single Submission Modal.
#3072 Revert column order in exports
Revert _id, _uuid, _submission_time, _validation_status (COPY_FIELDS) order and append new fields to the end.
closes #3071
commit d0fdda92 Fix a crash in the data table when image questions are present (incorrect constant access for QUESTION_TYPES)

Of interest to self-hosters

PR Description Related Issues
#3002 Allow superusers to migrate projects from legacy interface through the API
In order to help the support team to migrate users’ projects from legacy, an endpoint is added: /api/v2/users/<username>/migrate
It calls the management command sync_kobocat_xforms as a background task (with Celery)

To launch a task:

To check its state:
#3047 Allow SSRF IP addresses to be delimited by carriage return characters
Added \r to the split('\n') which turned the IPs in constance/config SSRF_ALLOWED_IP_ADDRESS and SSRF_DENIED_IP_ADDRESS fields into a Python readable list.
Fixes #3025

Of interest to developers

PR Description Related Issues
#3009 Added a V2 Reports Endpoint
-An API endpoint for Reports v2 has been created.
-The new endpoint can be accessed via https://[kpi]/api/v2/assets/{asset_uid}/reports/
Fixes #2679
#3011 Migrate /exports to nested assets endpoint
Support the new SearchFilter and object ordering in the exports API by migrating and updating the old /exports endpoint to /api/v2/assets/{asset_uid}/exports.
closes #3010
#3016 Created Imports V2 Endpoint
- Created a V2 Imports endpoint which is accessible at https://[kpi]/api/v2/imports/ and https://[kpi]/api/v2/imports/{import_uid}.
- Ensured that the file name is being saved when the form_titled parameter in the XLS file is not declared for both file and URL imports.
- Set the asset_type as an empty asset to be set in the back end
Fixes #2700
Fixes #2961
#3051 Include export url in asset detail
Include export URL in asset detail.
closes #3050
#3059 Remove dependency on stringified bools
Remove dependency on stringified bools for new nested exports and export-settings endpoints.
closes #3058
#3074 Update formpack requirement and fix tests
#3081 [Depends on a future release of KoBoCAT]
Use year-month-day format for the version string included in the settings sheet of XLSForm exports, which appears in ODK Collect after the form is deployed, and add a unit test
Part of #3006

We have made a new bug-fix release, 2.021.12a, to address a few issues with the new custom exports feature. It is live on both servers as of Wed 24 Mar 2021 18:47 UTC.

PR Description Related Issues
#3108 Custom export format options fix
Rewrite format options list to work with single named language and unnamed language aside named ones. Also some small tweaks: fixed label, disable EXPORT button when zero rows selected, and disale (un)select all buttons when toggle switch is not on.
Fixes #3107
#3106 Fix custom exports toggle switching for empty fields
Don’t select toggle switch for custom fields when there are zero fields selected.
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Because good things come in threes, we’re doing another small deployment to address a couple of lingering bugs in the new custom exports interface. The deployment is complete as of:

  • Monday, 29 March 2021 at 19:25 UTC
  • Monday, 29 March 2021 at 20:22 UTC


PR Description Related Issues
#3114 Row-level permissions export fix
Fix issue where users with restricted row-level access to submissions were not able to export at all
closes #3113
#3110 Project downloads settings not saving properly bug fix
Changing which questions would be exported, for example, did not trigger an update to the saved export settings. This PR fixes the last few inputs that weren’t triggering a save properly. It also includes disabling “select all” (rows) when all are selected and “unselect all” (rows) when none are selected.
Fixes #3109

Of interest to developers

PR Description Related Issues
#3079 Renamed a few booleans which used non-neutral names :rainbow: