Retrieving sent forms from KoBoCollect android app

Hello there, Can someone help me.
I accidentally deleted a form from my server, yet a couple of forms had been submitted. However, I can see the sent forms in the Tablet’s VIEW SENT FORM. Can I retrieve them from the Tablets?

If you need to upload the submissions again, it will be quite complex (you would need to edit the instances in the tablet and change the form submission IDs). The easiest way is:

  1. Create an exact replica of the form you deleted.
  2. Copy the instance files from the tablet into the computer (optional)
  3. Open the instance file using some word processor and see the responses.
  4. Enter the same responses into your new forms.
  5. You can copy any captured media also from the tablet and upload into the new form.

Welcome to the community @petermpiso! Yes, you could do it as outlined by @ks_1. As an alternative approach, if there are some traces left in your KoBoCollect android app, you could also retrieve your data using ODK Briefcase as outlined in the post discussed previously: