Saving and downloading data collected in pdf

Dear Kobotoolbox community help out me:
After collecting your data, you can view them in the form of a table. Is it possible to save that table (containing your data) in pdf?

You can download your data in Excel format (xls or csv), but not directly in pdf.
You can also create reports and print them as pdf.
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Hi @lubin,

Backing up on what @wroos has said, it’s possible but you will need to do it manually as outlined below (for each and every case):

  • Select the project (whose submissions you wish to save as PDF)
  • Select DATA>Table
  • Select the pen like Edit icon for the submission that you wish to save as PDF
  • Select the Printer Icon
  • Choose Save as PDF under the Destination
  • Select Save

Have a great day!

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Thanks Kal,
can such a print option not be provided on the page where we view the submission. since the submission is visible in a much more crisp manner in the view page rather than the edit page.
I had to do a workaround which I posted here which is still a compromise. Best would be to have it in word or pdf format from where the submission can be copy pasted.

Hi @lubin,
since, you asked for saving the table in pdf format, why not export/download the data table in excel format and print as pdf(or ‘save as pdf’) from microsoft excel.


Thank you @wroos. I just wanted the reports in pdf

Thank you for the tips, they are helpful.

And thank you all kobo users.

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Hello @Kal_Lam, when printing, how do i make the logo or image attached when building the form appear?

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@joyceokoro, do you mean you wish to use the logo or images to your form?

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