Saving report as PDF


I am having trouble saving reports as pdf. I have read in the instruction that this is done through pressing the printing icon, but I have no option of saving it there. Anyone have an idea?

My second question is how I can get rid of the Warning text in the beginning of each report? It follows even when printing the report.

Hi @debora,

For your first query:

You will see the printer icon at the right corner when you open the survey form in Enketo. Please see the image below:


For your second query:

Could you further explain when you saw this error message.

Thank you for the quick response!

To print the form or report is however not the issue, but to save it as a pdf on the computer…

When I am at Data and select Reports, this warning text is at the top all the time, even when I look at my own reports.

(Warning This is an automated report based on raw data submitted to this project. Please conduct proper data cleaning prior to using the graphs and figures used on this page)

Hi @debora,

From your screenshot I understand that you wish to print out the Custom Report instead of the survey questionnaire. In the screen, press the printer icon. You will be directed to a printer dialogue box. In the Destination, select Save as PDF and then press Save.


Thank you! Now I know what it is supposed to look like, for some reason the choice to save as pdf did not show when using Microsoft Edge, but when I changed to Google Chrome it looked like your picture.

The warning text is unfortunately still there.

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Hi @debora,

You will see the warning message that tells you that the data might need cleaning prior to using graphs and figures. If you are confident with your raw data you could proceed with the report else the system is advising you to have a look before you print out the report.

Okej, thank you so much!

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