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I am trying to develop a form that will use data from my previous Project. I have tried every example I have come across but it keeps giving me and error of missing CSV file. Could someone help me with restructuring my csv file and the form as well. I have attached the files I would like to use.
child_list.csv (3.5 MB)
search search().xlsx (17.2 KB)

Please help refine them so I could follow the Practical example from this file to complete my other projects. I want to use a CSV with multiple columns which allows me to link multiple beneficiaries to one School. I also want when the filters are done in the form, when a School name is selected, the next on the names of children, the list should only be filtered to the children in that school.

I will really appreciate

Welcome back to the community, @brighton_zocs! I see a lot of empty rows in your CSV file:

Could you remove those empty rows as a quick check to see how it behaves?

its actually not empty it has data already in all those columns
child_list.csv (3.5 MB)

[Uploading: Screenshot_20220301-1345


This is the error am getting on the form

@brighton_zocs, you have used child_list in the survey tab:


But the same name does not exist in your choices tab.

You could follow the instructions as outlined in the post discussed previously (maybe that should solve your issue):

Thank you really so much for helping me I really want to see this project work. I followed the steps in the post you have shared but only responded in one question and the rest had errors. the CSV that I shared has many columns and perhaps they help I need is to understand how I can use such a list to feed data into various questions of the form. or does it mean I need to do a separate CSV for every question and how should it be structured because I also tried that and didnt work?

Maybe you could break down the CSV file for other questions too.

let me try and see if it will work

am still getting that error

Ok I have split the CSV file into three and it was worked at least on two question while the other is still giving problems for what ever reason I am not sure.

@brighton_zocs, i have split the other half of your query here (for systematic documentation):