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We have created a form with drop down with more values (approximately 100).
We are looking for the functionality where on search of the initial letter the corresponding values related to that letter need to appear in the drop down.

E.g: Suppose the drop down is having the different countries as values on search of “U” the corresponding values need to show as: USA, UK etc…

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You can use a select one question with autocomplete appearance to do this.



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Based on your suggestion, I have created the form and deployed in the
It is working fine, but when I’m testing the form in ODK Collect which is android application I’m facing an error.

Please find the below link to view the error message:

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Hi Keerthi,

I don’t believe that the “autocomplete” appearance works on the KoBo Collect app, just the webform.

This is a list of the comparisons between using Enketo vs. Collect, but it’s not complete. It would be good if we created an updated version!

Hi @keerthi & @jseiden,

Backing up with the response provided by @martijnr, I just tried using the autocomplete in the appearance and it seems to work finely with KoBoCollect application, ODK Collect application and the Enketo.

  • If you are designing the form in XLSForm, you simply need to type autocomplete in the appearance column against the question.
  • If you are using the KoBoToolbox Formbuilder Interface, in the question, click to the setting button > Appearance (Advanced): > other > (type) autocomplete
  • Click to SAVE and you are done.

Now when you try to select the option (e.g. USA, UK etc.) of the question, you can simply get USA when you type US in the space provided. Or you are also able to select the option in the traditional way (i.e. by selecting the option from the list of choices).


Hi Kal_lam,

Can u provide a sample xls form for the same?
Shall be very thankful.


Hi @vicks88
Have you tried creating a form on your end and it did not work? If so could you send it.

On another note, you can find various discussions about this on the forum and external sources

See this discussion on search


Hi @Kal_Lam
But, I think this will not work on select multiple category, is it right? Thanks!


@aryakdhani2018, could you explain what you wish to do? Maybe the community should then be able to help you out.

this does not work with Multi-select! any advise? i am facing the same now